Study Loans is a new kind of finance for students seeking assistance in paying for their education. We are all about helping people to advance in their careers to reach their full potential by providing the necessary funds to pay for tuition fees during those critical periods of education. We are Australia’s first dedicated private student loan company in the vocational and tertiary sectors. Whether students are looking to save money on student loans, reach that next career goal or invest in their future,

Study Loans was born out of the frustration with the current government funded system. Having witnessed first-hand, the difficulty students faced with accessing funds and the constant changes in the rules, we felt it was about time a private business stepped in to provide an alternative. We believe education is critically important to society, but also the future prosperity of individuals, however education can be expensive. Study Loans was purposely created to provide a new way of paying for education with a transparent fee structure under a pay-as-you-go type model.